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The Tom fulp vote thing

Posted by N5 - February 2nd, 2008

So what do you think? What did you vote? Go vote now! Keep voting people, the votes are real close!

I will reply to any comments or reviews on my flash because I know how much some of you people like that.

Comments (9)

I dont think toms gay because if he is gay then you probably wouldnt be postin here and he has a girl friend but it is funny and if anyone is insulted by it they dont have a sense of humor

It's not about if hes gay or not. Everyone knows he's not. I just wanted to see what everyone thinks and votes. Basicly Everyone likes Tom but I wanted to see what people would vote

N5... is that the name of a petrol station or something? ...a stage from crash bandicoot? I dunno the 'N' gives me a creepy vibe? <=0
anyway tom fulp isn't gay, look at his hair, does that look like the hair of a gay guy to you?
If it doesn't 'Gloss', it doesn't 'Ghey', remember that!

I personally never said Tom Fulp is gay, I'm asking people to vote if they think he is or not.
Tom Fulp may not be gay, but one thing is for sure,
You are a gay emo! Now get off my userpage!

I know I only just viewed the flash properly, im sorry
ugh I should of never gotten out of bed today, Ive been making dumb posts/reviews all day! >=(

Maybe you should stay in bed.

Thanks for making a request on my page i have reviewed your submission, feel free to make more requests for reviews anytime

<a href="http://xwaynecoltx.newgrounds.com/news/post/139608">http://xwaynecoltx.newgrounds.com/new s/post/139608</a>


Hey thanks. I will keep that in mind.

Not a Number:
NaN (NaN%) voted yes
NaN (NaN%) voted no

We both like reviews =D

ok that should be fixed now.

Your username is short.

Your username is pretty long.

if tom fulp gay that means you gay,asshole.

Reed that back to yourself. Thanks for the comment.


Cool game. Make a sequel.